Two Men Charged With The Armed Robbery Of Bishop Lamor Whitehead During Church Service

Brooklyn Bishop Lamor Whitehead has received a little bit of justice so far. 

It has been reported that the two men who robbed him during his church service in July have been charged with armed robbery. The U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Breon Peace said in a statement about the two defendants, Juwan Anderson and Say- Quan Pollack, “As alleged, the defendants brought guns into a place of worship, stealing from two members of the clergy, and terrifying the congregation in the process.” 

He continued, “To commit such an act during a religious service is incomprehensible.” Reports state that the third suspect in the robbery has not been found yet. We reported that Bishop Whitehead was robbed at gunpoint during the live stream of his Sunday service. 

In the now-viral video clip, viewers can see the robbers raiding the church service with their guns and stealing nearly $400,000 worth of jewelry from the Bishop. He would later address the issue on his Instagram live. 

“As I was preaching, I seen three to four armed men come in the door. Where you’re a shepherd, right? You have to lead your sheep; you have to protect your sheep. When I seen the armed men come in, you know, it was specifically for me and, of course, my wife. When I seen them come into the sanctuary, with their guns, I told everybody, ‘Get down; everybody just get down.’ Right?,” he said. “Everybody get down. I didn’t know if they wanted to shoot the church up or if they was just coming for a robbery. They were all Black men, and they had masks, but I could see their faces. And they came in and they took all of my wife’s jewelry, and then they left.” 

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