Tyra Banks Facing Criticism Over Resurfaced Americas Next Top Model Videos

Tyra Banks is trending on Twitter, and it’s not looking good!

Old clips of her show, America’s Next Top Model resurfaced on the internet and people are LIVID! In the clip, Tyra asks a brown skin contestant why she refused to get her gap tooth closed. Then Tyra asked the woman if she believes she can become a Covergirl with a gap tooth, and then proceeded to mock having a gap tooth and said that it’s not marketable.

This didn’t sit well with online users and people started sharing their opinions. One person said that now she realizes that “Tyra Banks was the villain, and not Naomi Campbell.”

Another user online said when she was 11 and saw that episode, it discouraged her and made her want to close her gap.

“11 year old me, with a gap in my mouth, watched this and I became obsessed with closing my gap. Glad I never closed it but Tyra was deadass wrong for this.” See Tweet here.

What upset people, even more, is that on a different season of ANTM, Tyra convinced a caucasian aspiring model to widen her gap because its “fashionable and unique.”

“while danielle was made to feel ugly for her gap, 6/7 cycles laters tyra widened a white contestant’s gap because of how high fashion, unique and captivating it would be. ‘not marketable’ is tyra speak for hating dark skin girls.”  See here.

This sparked a wider conversation about Tyra and her “guidance” toward the contestants on her show. Do you think Tyra should address these issues?