Tyra Banks Is Opening a ‘Modelland’ Theme Park In California

Photo Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty

Tyra Banks is ready to bring her supermodel experience to the world. She will be the first person to create a supermodel-themed amusement park. If anybody can do it, it would be her. She stated that the park will be titled “Modelland.”


During an interview with Variety, the business-savvy Banks made the big announcement that the park will open in late 2019 in Santa Monica, California. It won’t stop here though; Banks eventually wants to open more parks globally after the flagship launch.


Banks went on to talk about what inspired this amazing idea saying:


“I’ve always been insanely inspired by attractions like Disneyland and Universal Studios and have wanted to bring that spirit of adventure and storytelling to the world of modeling,” She added “But not the exclusive modeling industry. I’m talking about modeling for the masses.”



This idea didn’t just pop up out the blue. Banks been working and planning on this concept of Modelland for 10 years. She always has seen this amusement park as a place where visitors can be free and embrace who they are.


“All types of beauty — men and women, young and older — are invited to transform into the dream version of themselves,” she said. “When people leave Modelland, we want them to feel overjoyed and empowered.”


Banks isn’t new to success. We all know that she was successful model, but she didn’t stay in that little box. She created America’s Next Top Model, had a singing, acting and writing career, hosted a daytime talk show, and taught at Stanford.


Safe to say that Banks knows what she’s doing when it comes to running a business and making money.


We are all eager for the amusement park to be open and to see what’s next for the talented and loved Tyra Banks.