Tyrese Opens Up About Suing Home Depot

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Tyrese is speaking on his lawsuit against Home Depot.

The singer recently said in a statement, “I really struggled with even filing the lawsuit because Home Depot has literally been my favorite place. It’s like my Disneyland.” He went on to say that he has spent between $8 to $10 million at the hardware retailer over the last two decades.

In his lawsuit, Tyrese claims that he gave his American Express card to Eric Mora and Manuel Hernandez and told the cashier that they will be making the purchase as he waits in his car, however, the sales associate refused to make the transaction with the two men and kept repeating the store’s policy and asking for a form of identification. 

He would return to the store and the cashier did not want to speak to him before the discussion got heated. The transaction was completed later on. “When they did that blatant racism to them at Home Depot, they wasn’t just mad, they was rattled,” he said of the incident.  

Tyrese said that he is thinking about shopping at Lowe’s moving forward.