Tyrese Sues Teddy Pendergrass’ Wife For The Rights To His Biopic

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Tyrese is heading back to court and this time it’s because he is suing the wife of the late Teddy Pendergrass. 

The singer was set to portray Teddy Pendergrass in a biopic, however, there has not been any talks about since 2019. Now Tyrese has decided to take Pendergrass’ wife to court for reportedly denying him the rights to the life story. 

The singer said, “Sadly things had to come to this….This has been 13 years in the making this man embraced me when he was on this earth and shared to me “No one can play me in my biopic but you Tyrese I’m sure of it” -TP”

He continued, “Hearing those words coming from him as one could imagine put me in under an unbearable amount of pressure but I knew that I was BORN to play Teddy Pendergrass The first person I called was my mother RIP and shared the news she’s SCREAMED!!!! My mother was the BIGGEST TEDDY PENDERGRASS FAN ON EARTH! She couldn’t believe it….There is nothing more uncomfortable than trying to create magic with inexperienced creatives!”

Tyrese added,“I owe it to my mother and Teddy to get this done!! Teddy Movie will happen!…@LeeDaniels, Charlie Mack aka @charliemackfirstout who drove me to Teddy’s home where the journey first began! I love you both and I am forever indebted to you both and Warner Brothers for being so passionately committed to the legacy and STORY!…I hate that things had to come to this but God knows my HEART! I,Tyrese Gibson was born to play TEDDY!”

The actor claims that Joan Pendergrass was fine with his media company getting the rights to Pendergrass’ story in 2011. 

Joan has yet to comment on the lawsuit. We will keep you posted with updates on this matter.