Uh-Oh! 50 Cent Says Rotimi Owes Him $300,000

Photo Credit: Getty Images

No one is safe!

50 Cent has been on a roll lately calling out folks in the industry who owes him money. He recently blasted reality star/singer Teairra Mari and actor Jackie Long, but now he is coming after his Power co-star, Rotimi.

On Wednesday, 50 took to his Instagram page to let the world know that Rotimi owes him $300,000 and it is time for him to pay. He also mentioned in his caption that Rotimi has the number one album in the country which means he can finally pay what he owes. 

“I want to punch this n*gga nose. Got the #1 RNB album time to pay me on gang.”

He then adds:

“Walk with you, you aint gonna be walking after Monday. This s**t is #1 I need to see that bag.”

Now while many speculated it was all a joke, Rotimi responded with a video on Instagram.

“It’s crazy when you start to get to a level of success and people wanna start coming at you.”


Not sure if this is for promotional reasons, but one thing for certain we hope to never run into payment issues with 50 Cent.