Update: Referee Has Been Suspended After FORCING Black High School Wrestler To Cut His Dreadlocks

photo credit: shutterstock

Do you remember this story?


Last year, we reported that a referee by the name of Alan Maloney sparked outrage after forcing a Black high school student, Alan Maloney, to cut his dreadlocks off or forfeit his wrestling match.  


Maloney was “suspended by the state for two seasons Wednesday, and officials also announced mandatory bias training for all referees and coaches involved in high school athletics.”


“Student-athletes should be able to compete with each other on a level playing field,” said New Jersey Attorney General Grewal in a statement. “Racial discrimination in the enforcement of the rules of any sport is inconsistent with the spirit of fair play. The Division on Civil Rights’ action today makes it less likely that any student-athlete will have to endure discrimination that not only undermines fair competition but also violates our state laws.”