Update! The Three Men Who Burglarized Mariah Carey’s Home Have Been Arrested

Last week reported that Mariah Carey’s Atlanta home was burglarized by three men while she was on vacation. Now the suspects have been caught. 

According to reports, the men, Jalen Huff, Terryion Anderson, and Jeremy Caldwell were arrested for robbing Carey’s home as well as committing other crimes. They were caught in Miami and were involved in burglarizing other celebrity homes. 

They have also committed armed robberies where one individual was shot. Sources close to the singer said that she is “so grateful for the detectives who arrived on the scene immediately.” 

During the home invasion at Carey’s home, photos of her surfaced online on vacation with her boyfriend and family in Italy and in the Hamptons. Police had confirmed that the invasion was an open investigation and that the information they had was limited. It wasn’t known what was taken from her home during the robbery. 

Mariah Carey purchased her home in November 2021. It reportedly has nine bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a tennis court, a playground, and a pool.