Usher Previews New Song ‘Comin’ Home’ in Partnership With Rémy Martin

Usher Remy Martin
Rémy Martin x Usher Life is a Melody

Usher and Rémy Martin have reunited to celebrate the notes of life, music and cognac in a new “Life is a Melody” campaign. In an accompanying commercial, Usher previews a new song from his forthcoming album.

According to a press release, “the campaign invites music and spirits enthusiasts alike to embark on a harmonious journey where the notes of Rémy Martin and the melodies of life intertwine in perfect harmony.”

“I’m incredibly excited to continue my partnership with Rémy Martin, representing their exceptional cognac expressions of 1738 Accord Royal,” the “OMG” artist expressed. He added, “and now, for the first time Rémy Martin XO, sharing an exclusive preview of my new music in a campaign that captures the breadth and endless possibilities of beautiful composition and marvelous melody.”

In the new visual, Usher sits by a piano, surrounded by Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal and XO bottles. The new “Comin’ Home” record plays in the background.

Pillars of the Usher x Remy Martin partnership:

‘4 on the Floor’ Pop-Up Roller Rinks: a new experiential pop-up embedded ‘4 on the Floor’ brings skating together with a Rémy Après Skating Moment + Cocktail experience where Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal and XO take center stage to select cities this summer.

Usher x Rémy Martin x Jon Stan Merchandise Collab: As part of the “Life is a Melody” campaign, Usher, Rémy Martin, and acclaimed fashion designer Jon Stan unite for an exclusive Merchandise Collab that epitomizes the campaign’s essence. This special collaboration showcases unique design elements inspired by Usher, roller skating, music, and Rémy Martin, resulting in a limited-edition collection, including stylish varsity jackets and caps, only available at the pop-up events.

Custom Murals: Rémy Martin will also unveil a captivating out-of-home (OOH) experience in New York and Chicago. The innovative experience will immerse passersby in a sensory feast of sights through projection mural mapping, transporting them into a world where music and cognac harmoniously converge.