Usher Reveals He Turned Down A Role In ‘Dreamgirls’

In a recent episode of Club Shay Shay with Shannon Sharpe, Usher shared some surprising insights into his career, including turning down significant collaborations and a role in the critically acclaimed film, Dreamgirls.

Usher dropped a bombshell when he revealed that he was once slated to be part of a supergroup with Jay-Z, Pharrell, and Diddy.

“You’re gonna hate me for this one. JAY-Z, Pharrell, Diddy, and me were supposed to be a group,” he confessed. Despite the immense potential of this powerhouse collaboration, it never materialized. Usher explained, “I didn’t say ‘No.’ I didn’t say ‘Yeah.’ We just got caught up in a moment, talking about music and how we’re gonna flip it, and the business of it. Somehow, we just got distracted, and it never happened.”

Not only did Usher miss out on a groundbreaking musical alliance, but he also disclosed that he turned down a role in the 2006 musical drama, Dreamgirls. David Geffen reached out to him for the opportunity, but for reasons undisclosed, it just didn’t come to fruition.

 Reflecting on the missed opportunity, Usher shared, “I think everybody hit me about this joint, too. Eddie Murphy hit me. Brandy hit me… I didn’t do it.”

The R&B sensation didn’t reveal which specific role he was considering, leaving fans to wonder about the what-ifs surrounding his potential involvement in the film, which went on to earn eight Academy Award nominations and two Oscar wins in 2007.

During the conversation, Usher also delved into a lighter moment from his career, recounting the hilarious story behind dancing with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

 Despite a wardrobe malfunction and nervous energy, Usher received a remarkable compliment from Jackson during rehearsals.

“‘Man, you really have a talent. You not only sing, but you dance. I know how hard that is. You sing and you dance. That combination is vicious,’” Usher remembered, highlighting the significance of the praise from the iconic pop star.

The hour-long chat on Club Shay Shay provides an in-depth look into Usher’s career, personal experiences, and the intriguing stories that have shaped his journey in the entertainment industry. The episode is currently available on YouTube for fans to enjoy.