Vanessa & Natalia Bryant Speaks About Kobe’s Induction Into The Basketball Hall Of Fame

Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa Bryant and his daughter, Natalia Bryant speaks on Kobe being inducted into the NBA Hall Of Fame.

“it’s an incredible accomplishment, and honor. We’re extremely proud of him. Obviously we wish that he was here with us to celebrate, but it’s definitely a peak of his NBA career,” says Vanessa.

Winning 5 NBA championships, Kobe made 18 All-Star teams during his 20 career with the Lakers. Among being a phenomenal basketball player, Kobe was a beloved father, a husband, son, and friend to many. Kobe Bryant, and his young daughter GiGi Bryant tragically passed away in January. Since, the world has been mourning the untimely passing. He was 41 years old.  May they both rest in peace.