Victoria Monét Shares That She Almost Contemplated Quitting Music Several Times

Victoria Monét’s journey to overnight success took well over a decade, marked by numerous moments where the now-superstar contemplated leaving the music industry. In a candid interview with Variety, she shared the challenges she faced, questioning her worth and struggling to gain recognition.

“At the time I questioned it so much: Like, what is it about me that’s so lackluster? Why aren’t people seeing me?” Monét expressed. This self-doubt led her to sing demos in an attempt to showcase her talent and secure opportunities with rappers. The seven-time GRAMMY nominee felt she had “something to prove” during this period, a sentiment that fueled her determination and ultimately contributed to her longevity in the industry.

Reflecting on her journey, Monét acknowledged that the struggles she faced played a crucial role in her current success.

“So it’s all a part of why I think things are coming to fruition now: It’s just time. It’s almost like, ‘Alright girl — you didn’t give up. We’re going to give you something,’” she teased, emphasizing the significance of perseverance.

Monét also opened up about her hesitancy to come out as bisexual during her ascent, citing concerns about the potential negative impact on her career. “Being picturesque, straight… It almost felt like you didn’t want to add any more weights to your ankles trying to win a race,” she explained. The artist revealed that conforming to societal expectations seemed like a way to advance in her career, drawing parallels to the struggles faced by Whitney Houston regarding her rumored bisexuality.

Referencing a Whitney Houston documentary, Monét expressed sadness over Houston’s inability to live authentically.

“Just do you and love who you love. And so if I have the ability to talk about it without so much backlash… I should and just be honest,” she shared.

Monét emphasized that music has provided a platform for her to explore and express her sexuality, allowing her to communicate things that may be challenging to put into words.

Despite the hurdles, Victoria Monét’s dedication to her craft has paid off, culminating in her 2023 debut album Jaguar II, which features the hit single On My Mama – nominated for the Grammy Award for Record of the Year. The songwriter, who has penned hits for artists like Ariana Grande, Blackpink, and Fifth Harmony, is now nominated for a total of seven Grammy Awards, including Best New Artist.