Vin Diesel Accused of Sexual Battery by Former Assistant

A former assistant to Vin Diesel, Asta Jonasson, has accused the actor of sexually molesting her in Atlanta during the filming of Fast Five in 2010 as reported by Deadline. He then fired her in retaliation soon afterward.

According to the lawsuit, Filed on Thursday, Jonasson was hired by the actor’s production company, One Race, to work for him in various capacities, including organizing and accompanying Diesel to parties and ensuring she was nearby in photos if the actor attended events without his longtime girlfriend.

The suit alleges that Diesel attacked Jonasson in the St. Regis Hotel after a night of seemingly hard partying with hostesses he’d met at a nearby club. Jonasson was asked to wait for Diesel, 56, in his suite while he entertained hostesses. When the women left, Diesel grabbed Jonasson’s wrists and pulled her onto the bed, according to the lawsuit.

“Vin Diesel forcibly grabbed Ms. Jonasson, groped her breasts, and kissed her,” says the 10-claim sexual battery, discrimination and retaliation complaint (read the lawsuit here). “Ms. Jonasson struggled continually to break free of his grasp, while repeatedly saying no. Vin Diesel is physically larger and much stronger than Ms. Jonasson, and abused his position of authority as her employer, and was able to easily overpower Ms. Jonasson.”