Vivica A. Fox Addresses Jamie Foxx’s Cloning Rumors

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Vivica A. Fox is ending the rumors that Jamie Foxx is a clone. 

While promoting her latest film, “Not Another Church Movie,” the actress addressed the measures people took to see if Foxx was real or a clone. “They were even checking for tattoos on the back of his head. It makes you laugh. I mean, that’s all you can do really, is laugh at the ridiculousness of it, that Jamie Fox got cloned and came back.”

She continued, “But, you know, Jamie would be down for it ’cause he’d have his clone working, he would.  I mean, he has so many jobs, the guy works constantly.” Fox then gave an update on Jamie’s condition. ​​“From what I know, fantastic. You know Jamie is such a gift, he’s so talented and it’s crazy that this is the second comedy that we’ve done together, we did ‘Booty Call’ years ago and now here we are doing this.”

Fox added, “Jamie has so many more gifts to give and from what we can see, he’s healthy and happy.”

In April 2023, we reported that Jamie Foxx had been taken to the hospital due to an unspecified medical emergency. Not much has been heard about what happened to Foxx since he’s been released and seems to be doing well. 

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