Wanda Smith’s Husband Pulls out Gun on Katt Williams Following On-Air Beef

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Tension rises between comedian Katt Williams and V-103 radio host Wanda Smith after on-air incident.


V-103’s radio host Wanda Smith and Katt Williams’s had a dispute on-air over Tiffany Haddish this Friday, after Williams stated that Haddish has gained success from sleeping with white men in Hollywood.


Wanda Smith defended Haddish, which led to Katt Williams making offensive remarks about Wanda’s weight and hair. He took it further by calling her an angry black woman.


The debacle caught like wild fire on social media garnering over a million views in less than a day.


Following the dispute, Katt and Wanda bumped heads at a local Atlanta comedy club on Saturday night where Wanda’s husband, LaMorris Sellers, pulled out a gun.
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Wanda and Katt instantly got into a verbal altercation outside of the Theater in which Wanda claims Katt said, “I told you effin’ with me would make you go viral!” […]


As Wanda’s husband LaMorris tried to diffuse the argument, Katt allegedly told him- “I’ll jump on your big a** too!”.


Reports state that LaMorris pulled out a gun and pointed it in Katt’s face during the argument.


However, LaMorris stated that as he was chasing Katt toward the Food Depot when his gun fell from his waistband and he bent to retrieve it however, “he never pointed it at anyone.”


No one was injured during the incident, but we are sure Katt will probably think twice before calling Wanda an angry black women again!