SUPERIOR, WI - APRIL 7: Catherine Anderson brought her dog, Ivy, to vote in the Wisconsin Primary at the Billings Park Civic Center on Tuesday in Superior, Wisconsin. Wisconsin governor Tony Evers issued an executive order on Monday to postpone the primaries until June but the state supreme court overruled the order. (Photo by Alex Kormann/Star Tribune via Getty Images)

New Yorkers, Here’s How To Cast Your Absentee Ballot Vote!

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Governor Cuomo is doing everything he can to make sure that social distancing rules remain in place.

It was announced on April 8th (Wednesday), that Governor Cuomo will allow New Yorkers to cast an absentee vote for Democratic primary set to take place June 23rd. See the tweet below.

For all New York City residents who would like to cast an absentee vote, they can go online and fill out an application or you can call the Board of Elections office at 1-866-868-3692. Once the application is filled out in black and blue ink, you can drop it off at your borough’s Board of Elections office.

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