We Recognize Her: Cori Bush, Missouri’s First Black Congresswoman

Cori Bush is being recognized because she has made history by becoming Missouri’s first Black Congresswoman. 

Bush who ran Democrat, had beat the Republican candidate Anthony Rogers by 78% of the vote. Bush’s political career began in 2014, after the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. 

A strong supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, Bush would address Brown’s killing on her Twitter account. “Mike Brown was murdered 2,278 days ago. We took to the streets for more than 400 days in protest. Today, we take this fight for Black Lives from the streets of Ferguson to the halls of Congress. We will get justice.”

Bush’s political career was captured and featured in the 2019 Netflix documentary “Knock Down The House.” While running, Bush’s campaign included $15 federal minimum wage, Medicare for all, and more. She would express what this victory means to her on her Twitter account. 

“I will be the first woman to represent Missouri’s First District in its 173-year history. We have seen a 74% increase in women voters here since 2016. Representation matters. A system that works for everyone matters.”