Wendy Williams Debuts New Podcast + Photo: ‘One Door Closes, A LARGER One Opens’

Wendy Williams is doing it, honey! 

The iconic radio and television host announced she’s launching a new podcast. The news comes after the Wendy Williams show was “erased” from YouTube. Wendy’s IG for her podcast is @thewendyexperiencepodcast.

It seems she’s already working on episodes. In her first post, shared on July 6, she said, “Doing A Show, Not a TV Show Sorry it is a WENDY EXPERIENCE! 

STAY TUNED!” In her second post, Wendy said, “When one door closes a LARGER one Opens! Last Day on SET!” 

Take a look:

Team Wendy is so happy for her. One fan said, “We are going to miss you on tv but deff podcast are the new thing now so excited,” someone else wrote, “Love you Wendy and missed you much! Excited,” with multiple fire flame emojis. Many people commented, “can’t wait,” and “team Wendy forever.” One online user said, “YAY!!! I’ve missed you so,” and someone else broke down how much they love her. The person wrote, “Here for it!! You were apart of my daily routine for years!!! Wake up, prayers, coffee, and Wendy!!! ❤️ I love me some you.” One comment reminded Wendy that she’s a living icon, they said, “Can’t wait to tune in….they can’t erase your legacy!”

After 13 years, The Wendy Show officially ended on June 17. She hasn’t returned to her talk show’s 13th season since last season, due to ongoing health issues. She’s been open about dealing with Graves Disease, and last week, she shared how swollen her feet are due to lymphedema. Even though she can only feel five percent, she said she’s not letting her health stop her from anything. 

Actress Sheri Shepherd will host the television show. Yahoo reports the new show will air in the fall. 

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