Wendy Williams Has Plans To Open A Restaurant

Wendy Williams is eyeing a new business venture. The former daytime talk show host is planning on opening a new restaurant. 

The plans were confirmed by Fox Five News Anchor, Rosanna Scotto who has been running her own restaurant Fresco by Scotto since 1993. Scotto claims that Williams was inspired by her restaurant.

“She loves the meatballs at Fresco,” Scotto said. “And the last time I talked to her, she’s like, ‘Ok, Rosanna, I am coming to Fresco and I want the meatballs and then you’re going to help me open up my own restaurant.’ And I’m like ‘What sister, you wanna take my people away to your restaurant?” 

She added, “I don’t know if she wants me to waitress or what, but she did tell me she wants to open her own restaurant and she wants me to help… If there is a restaurant from Wendy, it will be big competition but I love her.” 

Wendy Williams was last seen checking into rehab for the second time after it was reported that her behavior was concerning due to her alleged alcohol addiction. We hope that she is doing much better.

Are you excited about Williams’ latest business venture? No details have been released on when it is expected to open. We will keep you updated.