Wendy Williams Hires Additional Security to Stand Guard Until Kevin Hunter’s Permanently Off Her TV Set

Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Wendy Williams’ soon-to-be ex hubby Kevin Hunter may be on his way out the door — from her life and her TV show — but it sounds like Wendy won’t feel comfortable on set until he’s completely gone. So, the talk show host has done what any uneasy person would do and hired additional personal security to guard her every move. 

According to TMZ, Wendy has employed “three full-time personal security guards to stand watch while she preps for and shoots her daily talk show.” 

It’s reported the professional gossip queen hired security one week before serving Kevin with divorce papers because she was fearful about his reaction to her request for legal separation. Wendy’s mindset makes sense as she encountered several blowups with Kevin leading up to the day he was served.

As previously reported, Hunter is in negotiations to step down as the executive producer of The Wendy Williams Show for the sake of Wendy’s mental health.