Wendy Williams: ‘I Don’t Have A Boyfriend’

Wendy Williams is setting the record straight.

We recently reported that the talk show host was officially off the market, following her difficult divorce last year. We according to Wendy, she is single- and in fact NOT dating jeweler William Selby. The two were seen ALL smiles on the gram’.


She says, ”I had an interesting weekend. It was all innocent to me but apparently it caused waves everywhere else. All I’m doing is being Wendy. So I met this young man that I really like. Not in that way, I was setting you up with dramatic effect, he’s this rapper from Philly. His name is Black Papi. He’s 27. Now, I went to a studio session because he’s working on his album and he’s working on it in N.Y. Now, I don’t know Black Papi but I was going along for a ride on Friday night. So Black Papi, 27, he’s from Philly. He got his mom on FaceTime. His mom and I are the same age. She and I are talking like we’re two homegirls. … I told Papi, ‘Look, your weight is not quite up for the Wendy Show. But one day…’”

She also speaks on being boo’d up with Selby, “I was only at the studio for 35 minutes. I was with my friend, who is also my jeweler, Will. But and whatever, here is the big [scoop]. Will is my friend, he happens to be a jeweler. I’m one of his probably low-paying clients. I’m not buying jewelry all the time.”