Wendy Williams Recalls How a ‘Music Mogul’ Sent His Girl Group To Beat Her UP!

photo credit: Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Whew chile! 


Wendy Williams is spilling all the tea! This specific tea is about a specific music mogul, who sent his “girl group” to meet Wendy outside!


This may not be news to fans who’ve been with Wendy since her radio career, but for others, the tea is hot. Wendy said on her show, “Once upon a time, there was music mogul who sent his all-girl group to beat my a*s in front of the radio station. “


She continued, “Fact! I finished my shift, rounded my headphones, put my bag in the crook of my arm, and see everybody lined up at the window looking down on the sidewalk. I had coworkers that weren’t friends… I’m going downstairs and my new boyfriend at the time the bad Kevin, but no this is when he was the good Kevin right? So I’m walking in the elevator with intern at the time, Skeletor. And I’m like ‘Why is everybody looking down at the sidewalk?’ I mean noses were pressed to the glass. And I get downstairs and find this girl group jump out of a Gypsy cab, to come after me, to kick my a**. And I’m like for what? You know what I said was true! You all are broke and living in the projects, and that was that!”