Where Are They Now: Fallon And Felisha King Of Cherish

Do y’all remember the R&B girl group Cherish? 

The group was comprised of four sisters, Neosha, Farrah, and twins Fallon and Felisha. Although, they have been making music for a long time, in 2006 they released their hit single “Do It, To It”, which instantly became a huge success. The song was followed by their debut album Unappreciated, which landed in the number four spot on the Billboard charts. 

Shortly after releasing their second album, The Truth, the group would embark on multiple tours before it was revealed that the twins were working on side projects. 

Since then, Fallon and Felisha have been keeping themselves busy.  For the last couple of seasons, the twins were the masterminds behind certain songs on the hit show Empire. 

“Writing for the last two seasons of Empire we did about 35- 40 songs for the show. We went into different camps and worked with a lot of different producers,” Fallon said. 

She continued, “In an instance, like that, you are really competing for what is the best song for the artist and to see what fits the character and the voice.”  This success would lead them to also write songs for the show Star as well. 

Besides writing for these shows, they have also written for DaniLeigh, Sevyn Streeter, Tamar Braxton, and more. However, they are embarking on a new venture with the new reality show, Encore. 

The show will consist of 9 female R&B singers, eight of them of who has been a part of a girl group before. The cast includes Nivea, Aubrey of Danity Kane, Pam of Total, Irish and Lemisha Grinsted of 702, Fallon and Felisha King of Cherish, and a few other ladies. 

They explained how they were introduced to the show. “About seven years ago, the creator of the show, Carlos King, came to us and wanted to pitch the idea of the show. It originally started with Felisha and me, Shamari (Blaque), Kiely (3LW), and Aubrey (Danity Kane). He was letting us know that people would want to know what we were up to.” 

Fallon added, “He also wanted to showcase why girl groups don’t stay together because most of the time it’s not a break-up. It’s also good to see what girl groups go through, how they react to one another, and how it is growing up in the industry.” 

Both Fallon and Felisha spoke on the dynamic of working with these ladies and what it was like working with their sisters while in Cherish. “The dynamic between the groups bought back a sense of nostalgia because it was good being around a group of girls who knows what it’s like being in the industry as well as coming from other girl groups.” 

They revealed that there will be some interesting moments on the show, especially with Nivea, who has never been in a girl group.  

We can’t wait to see all of these moments. On June 9th, the series premiere of a new reality tv show Encore will air on BET.