White Cop Found Guilty for Murdering 15 Y.O Unarmed Jordan Edwards

Photo Credit: Pool  – Getty images


According to reports former Texas police officer Roy Oliver was found guilty for the murder of 15 year-old unarmed Jordan Edwards.


The murder took place in April of 2017 when a group of teenagers left a local house party not knowing that one of them wouldn’t make it back home to their family.


15 year-old Edwards was sitting in the passenger seat when Oliver shot him.


Oliver claims he opened fire after the car moved towards his partner, and said he feared for his partners life.


Oliver’s partner did not feel the same way, and openly admitted that he does not believe Oliver needed to open fire.


Roy Oliver will now face up to life in prison.


Jordan Edwards family is happy that justice has been served. His father Odell Edwards made a statement saying: “I just want to say I’m happy, very happy,” he told reporters after the verdict. “It’s been a long time, hard year. Just really happy.”

Photo Credit: Pool  – Getty images

Former Balch Springs police officer Roy Oliver attends the sentencing phase of his trial