White Man Accuses Halle Berry of Sexual Assault, She RESPONDS

Photo Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty

A man by the name of Heath Wilson accuses actress Halle Berry of sexual assault and she is not pleased with the alleged accusations. In fact, Berry not only denied it, but she put the accuser on blast.

In Berry’s comment section, Wilson writes:

“Bumped into Halle Berry at a party. I was a little drunk and knocked the drink out of her hand. I tried to apologize, but she grabbed me by my genitalia and said ‘This is how you can say sorry.’ I told her no, but she persisted.”

He adds,

“I was lucky enough to get away but imagine how many of her victims weren’t able to escape her clutches. Just telling my truth. #whowillstandwithme”

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Berry didn’t waste any time clapping back at the accuser.

“I don’t know you, bruh. And you don’t get to make comments about me like this. I have never met you, nor have I ever disrespected anyone the way you have suggested. Now get a life and get the f*ck off my page with that bullsh*t. Peace chicken grease.”
Heath Wilson twitter profile

Following her response, Wilson made his Instagram account private. We can only assume her fans dragged him in the comments as well.