Whoa! Duane Martin Allegedly Used Money Will & Jada Gave Him for a Bankruptcy Scam

Photo credit – Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Samsung


Tisha Campbell-Martin and Duane Martin are going through a divorce and things are getting messy. They filed for bankruptcy back in 2016 but Tisha for a divorce earlier this year.

According to a report, when they filed for Chapter Seven Bankruptcy, they owed more than $15 million in debt. TMZ reports that Tisha knew Martin was hiding income and wanted him to be truthful about it. He was receiving money from a real estate investment and a clothing line and he didn’t disclose that in his documents.

Records also show that Duane received a $1.4 million loan from Will and Jada Smith. Duane allegedly used the money to buy and sell a house for $1 million and he kept the profits. Will and Jada were unaware of what was going on so therefore won’t face any consequences. Duane on the other hand, could face legal repercussions. After 20 years of marriage, Tisha is requesting spousal support and wants the court to block him from requesting spousal support from her.


Tisha recently hosted the Soul Train Awards with Tichina Arnold.




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