Whoa! Ice Cube Admitted To Almost Killing Someone For Cheating His Mom Out Of Money!

Ice Cube kept it super honest!

As reported on The Jasmine Brand, the hip-hop legend made a wile confession.

Ice Cube explained how he once almost took someone’s life for cheating his mother out of $20. During a recent interview, the rapper/actor revealed the information. He said the person who tried to take advantage of his mom was on heavy drugs, went to his house, and told his mother a crazy story, and she ended up giving the addict $20. Ice Cube said, “We knew [they] were heavy on drugs. [They] went to my house and gave my mother some cockamamie story, so she gave him $20, and I was so mad.” He continued,

“You violated me and my family because you knew you wasn’t ever going to give that $20 back. So, me and friends was going around the corner to kill him, and he wasn’t home. Thank God. Thank God he wasn’t home.”

Ice went on to say he was glad the drug addict wasn’t home because his life could have had a different turnout. He said,

“I’m glad he wasn’t there, because nobody should die over $20. We were young and mad and we had a weapon and it was going to happen.”

The incident happened before Ice Cube was NWA.