WHOA: ‘Johnson & Johnson’ Ordered to Pay out $8 Billion After Man Claims Prescribed Drug Made Him Grow Breasts

Photo Credit: Steven Ferdman / Getty Images 

Johnson & Johnson has once again been hit with another lawsuit! 

This time a 26- year old man by the name of Nicholas Murray is suing the well known pharmaceutical company for claims that his prescribed anti- psychotic drug made him grow breasts!

Murray has been taking the drug since he was age 9 and alleges that over time he started to develop breasts. But check this out, it looks like Murray isn’t the only one accusing the company of this, thousands of other men have reportedly stepped forward with the same allegations. 

Reports have been made that Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $8billion in punitive damages to Murray. However, the payout could be lowered at a later time. 

Johnson & Johnson has reportedly denied all allegations and believes that through further investigation the ruling will be overturned. 

We will keep you updated.