Whoa! R. Kelly THREATENS the Families of Alleged Victims

Photo Credit: Pool/Getty


And the drama continues……

Singer R. Kelly is allegedly threatening his victims and their families via letters.

In documents obtained by The Blast, Kelly sent a “typewritten letter to the lawyer then representing Jane Doe #5, threatening to release compromising and potentially embarrassing photographs of Jane Doe #5 if she pursued her civil lawsuit against the defendant. The letter sent, which was provided to the defense as part of the government’s discovery includes certain photographs and screenshots of text message exchanges between the defendant and Jane Doe #5 taken from the defendant’s phone. The defendant cannot credibly deny his role in intimidating witnesses by claiming, self-serving, that he could not have written the letter due to his allegedly limited reading and writing skills where he provided the material used to make the threats and signed his name to the accompanying documents.”

In addition, he tells the women to pick a side and to not testify against him in court. If they pick the wrong side the families would have to suffer the consequences.

“Finally, the government has obtained records showing that, in at least one instance, a young woman reported to law enforcement criminal behavior by the defendant, and the defendant thereafter paid the woman hundreds of thousands of dollars to enter into a non-disclosure agreement thereby deterring future cooperation with law enforcement. Evidence supporting this allegation consists of police records documenting criminal allegations and bank records documenting the ensuing payoff.”

R. Kelly could face anywhere to 195 years in prison if convicted.