Whoopi Goldberg Says She Prefers ‘Hit-and-Runs’ Over Marriage

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Whoopi Goldberg shared her views on marriage and her stance is seems relatable. 

On the latest episode of “The Don Lemon Show,” Goldberg, who was promoting her book, “Bits and Pieces: My Mother, My Brother, and Me,” talked about her preference when it comes to sex and marriage. The actress says that she rathers “hit-and-runs”, or “one-night-stands.” 

She said that she doesn’t mind having her partner come over and then leave by the time she wakes up in the morning. “You have to give yourself permission because you knoe you have this whole line of words that are stacked up in your head about what you are if you say a ‘hit-and-run’ is where you want to be, and you don’t wan to be married. You know, ‘Oh, am I a whore? Am I this? Am I a terrible person because I don’t want to?’” she said. 

Goldberg continued, “And I never really thought about it. I just thought, ‘Well I must be doing it wrong, ’cause other people seem to be able to have figured it out.’ What I didn’t realize with that was that I had figured it out. I just was surprised by the fact that I didn’t really want it, but I like to ‘hit-and-run.’ And my mother said well maybe you should just throw a throw a party from now on, not get married anymore.” 

She added, “I don’t really want that. I want to see you when I see you and then you go.”

This revelation comes after Goldberg revealed that she was addicted to cocaine early on in her career and what made her quit using the drug.