Whoopi Goldberg Says ‘Sister Act 3’ is Coming…Kinda [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Touchstone Pictures

Whoopi Goldberg recently appeared on Good Morning Britain, and told show host Kate Garraway that when it comes to reboots – she’s up next.

Goldberg connected with the U.K.-based morning show via video chat to talk about her upcoming mini comedy tour in Britain and her thoughts on the #MeToo movement and where it currently stands. As Garraway accepted questions from viewers via social media, she said many people are asking if a Sister Act 3 will ever take place.

Whoopi said one is coming – but not the way some may think.


“We’ve been all over Disney, begging, and they’ve decided that they’re going to go in a different direction,” Goldberg told  Garraway. “So It won’t be Sister Act 3. It will be a brand new rendition of Sister Act.”

Seemingly frustrated with the circumstances surrounding the film’s comeback, Whoopi went on to say, “I guess I’ll walk through a scene, and that’s how they’ll say I was part of it.”

Instead of adding another film to the franchise and turning into a trilogy, it seems Disney is looking for a new storyline with new cast members. 


Nothing will ever be able to compare to the original cast, especially Sister Mary Clarence. So take a look at the faces that started it all, and start guessing who may show up next.