Whoopi Goldberg Checks ‘The View’ Audience Member Who Called Her An ‘Old Broad’

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Whoopi Goldberg had to quickly check an audience member during a live taping of “The View” earlier this week. 

As the cast was walking to their seats, a woman was heard calling the EGOT winner an “old broad.” Goldberg was taken aback and asked the unidentified woman, “Did you just call me an ‘old broad’?” The woman nodded her head yes and then proceeded to say, “Hey, it’s Wednesday, and I am an old broad, and happy about it.”

Goldberg’s co-host Sunny Hostin went on to inform her that being called an old broad is better than being called anything else. The actress quickly responded and said, “The alternative is not attractive to any of us. We all want to be old broads and old dudes, you know?”

Fans expressed mixed reactions about the incident. Some believe that the woman may have been referring to Whoopi’s new book “Two Old Broads” while others were pleased with the way that she handled the situation. 

What are your thoughts on this?