Will.i.am Believes Artists Should Be Able To Protect Their Faces From AI

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA – MAY 04: will.i.am speaks at SiriusXM Studios on May 04, 2023 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Artificial Intelligence (A.I) continues to receive mixed reviews from artists.

Founder and lead member of the Black Eyed Peas, will.i.am, is among the latest artists to weigh-in their thoughts on the topic. After hearing an AI-generated song of Michael Jackson covering  C-Murder’s hit song, ‘Down 4 My N’s’,Snoop Dogg shared his disapproval on May 1.

The Cali rapper posted a video of the audio to his Instagram feed, captioning the post with “Wow.” He added, “This s**t is outta hand.”

It appears will.i.am would agree that AI is getting ‘outta hand’. In a recent podcast on SiriusXM, will.i.am shared his stance on the new phenomenon.

“There’s going to be a fourth industry thats coming, and this fourth industry is not for musicians and artists, but its for my mom, your cousins, your tias, your tios, your bothers, your nieces, and your abuelitos. Why? Because we all have voices.”

“We all have voices, and everyone’s compromised because there are no rights or ownership to your facial math or your voice frequency,” he added.

He explained his cynicism, adding: “You’re getting a FaceTime or a Zoom call and because there’s no intelligence on the call, there’s nothing to authenticate an AI call or a person call.”

“That’s the urgent thing, protecting our facial math. I am my face math. I don’t own that.” He added, “I own the rights to ‘I Got A Feeling’, I own the rights to the songs I wrote, but I don’t own the rights to my face or my voice?”

Check out the video here: