Will Smith & Martin Lawrence Share Brotherhood, Hip-Hop + ‘Bad Boys 3’ Stories On TIDAL’s CRWN

(Photo Credit: Johnny Nunez / Getty Images)

“We ride together, we die together..Bad Boys For Life..”

Who else is super excited for Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett to join forces, again?

TIDAL hosted an intimate conversation at the legendary Apollo Theater, Thursday (Jan. 9), featuring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The Bad Boys for Life stars dished on the movie, their personal lives and even some untold hip-hop stories. WBLS was there to witness and indulge in all the gems that were drops.

Nearly a quarter century ago, the first Bad Boys movie of the franchise debuted, and fans have been hooked since. The private conversation was hosted by TIDAL’S Chief Content Officer, and seasoned journalist, Elliott Wilson, which packed the Harlem theater from front to back. Even 17 years after the Bad Boys II premiered, fans are still anticipating the new movie set to be released January 17th, 2020.

For everything wondering why it took so long, it was all Will Smith’s fault.

“It took so long because of [Will&#93,” Lawrence said. “He wouldn’t do the script unless it was right.”

“We haven’t seen each other in a while,” Smith said. “The  concern was always chemistry because the first two movies we were making stuff up in all of the scenes. Everything we were making up in the scenes was a result of the chemistry. The first time we walked into a room together … it was so perfect.”

We learned that the Bad Boys are hanging up their badges and antics, as during a sneak-peak scene, you can hear Marcus Burnett allude to being retired! The duo also dished on a big “shock” and “break-up” at the start of the movie. As if that doesn’t sound engaging enough, a semi spoiler was revealed during the sit-down as well. The opening scene reveals that Marcus becomes a grandfather- yup, a pop-pop! Martin Lawrence actually revealed that Marcus is so similar to him in real life as they are both family men.

On the hip-hop side, aside from DJ Khaled starring in the film as “Manny The Butcher,” the Miami DJ also produced the soundtrack.

“He was real persistant,” Smith said. “Khaled showed up four weeks before his scene. He was just on set.”

The duo both credited hip-hop cultures to being a BIG part of their careers. As we know, Will started his career as a rapper and he also shared an interesting and untold story with the TIDAL audience.

“I met Biggie the night he died,” Smith said. “I met Biggie at the Soul Train Music awards like four and a half hours before he died. I met Biggie, we hung out, we took a picture. I went to sleep, woke up the next morning and he was dead.”

As Martin shares some of his favorite moments with the audience, he mentions an episode of Martinwhen the legendary Notorious B.I.G guest starred. Will took us down memory lane, and shared that he actually met B.I.G the night he passed away.

WHEW! Grab your popcorn, and get ready to laugh out loud Bad Boys For Life hits the big screen. If you like it enough, Will said a 4thmovie is definitely a possibility! We’re totally here for it.

Check out the full TIDAL: CRWN interview hosted by Elliott Wilson, featuring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, below.