Will Smith Sends a Touching Tribute to His Oldest Son, Trey [VIDEO]

(Photo by Hubert Boesl/Getty Images)

There is a reason why people are calling Will Smith the “King of Instagram”. Since coming onto the social networking platform, Smith has been undeniably transparent and real with his fans about the issues, good or bad, in his life.

Smith recently posted a touching tribute to his oldest Trey, as they are both vacationing in Abu Dhabi. In the video, Smith explains how he takes all of his children away on trips separately so that they can have that “daddy time” with him. He also expresses that while on this trip, Trey comes to the realization that they are more than just father and son but that they are best friends.

The video’s caption explains a little bit more about Will and Trey’s growing relationship over the years, since divorcing Trey’s mother, Sheree. Watch the video below.