Woman Who Left Boyfriend to Die in Suitcase Now Facing Murder Chargers

This is just purely insane.

It’s being reported that a Florida woman is being accused of zipping her boyfriend into luggage and leaving him to die. Sarah Boone, 42, was arrested Tuesday (Feb. 26th) after her boyfriend, Jorge Torres, was found dead in a suitcase.

Sarah told authorities that they were drinking wine and playing a game of hide-and-seek. Sarah claims she and Jorge thought it would be fun to put him in a suitcase. Sarah also told police that she left the zipper slightly unzipped so they Jorge’s fingers could get through. 

Sarah claims that after Jorge was put in the suitcase she fell asleep and thought Jorge was out of the suitcase. The next morning she woke up and didn’t see Jorge next to her and assumed he went job hunting, but then later realized he, might still be in the suitcase. When she checked, he was in there but not breathing. 

Instead of calling the police right away, Sarah called her ex-boyfriend, according to the report. Her ex convinced her to call the police. Sarah permitted the cops to look through their phones. Police discovered two videos of Jorge struggling to get out of the suitcase. In one video he’s telling Sarah can’t breathe and Sara replies, “Yeah, that’s what you do when you choke me. You should probably shut the [expletive] up.” Sara continues, “That’s on you. Oh, that’s what I feel like when you cheat on me.” In the second video, Jorge continues to cry as he struggles to attempt to get out. 

Sarah is currently being held in Orange County Jail without bond. She faces life in prison. 

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