Women Making History: Betti Wiggins An Officer of Nutrition Services Is Changing How Children Eat at School [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: YouTube/ How Betti Wiggins, ‘Head Lunch Lady’, Helps Students Learn About Nutrtion|NBC News/ Screenshot

As WBLS continues to celebrate Women’s History Month, we will focus on those women who are inspiring and making history. Today we recognize Betti Wiggins, a 70 year old woman, who is changing the way children eat in American Schools.

Wiggins, originally from Detroit, started began her mission when she became the executive director of the Detroit Public Schools. As soon as she started her new role, Wiggins made it her duty to get rid of all deep-fryers, as well as cut ties with outside food management companies. Due to this change, Wiggins help grow the district’s food budget to 51{1dfa1e56791e611ba924bda180f579857679f3f460137999817901b64f1d0aea}. She began to serve the students fresh fruits and vegetables and would even introduce students to a new vegetable once a week.

Wiggins currently works in Houston, Texas as an Officer of Nutrition Services, where she continues her mission on getting children to eat healthier. Since starting in her current position in 2017, Wiggins had established 70 school gardens and a 4.5 acre farm. Wiggins continues her work by visiting different schools in Houston, sitting with the children during lunch and by teaching them about nutrition.