WOW! A Long Island Man Wins $10 Million Lottery TWICE

This is what lucky looks like. Juan Hernandez, a native from Long Island has won a $10 million lottery twice. 

According to reports, Hernandez won the large lump sum of money off of a scratch of a lottery ticket and he has no idea what to do with it. 

“I’m still trying to spend the $10M I won in ‘19,” he said. Hernandez’s first $10M came after he won the top prize on a $350,000,000 Cash Spectacular scratch-off ticket.

He bought his second ticket at the local supermarket in Hempstead, Long Island. He ended up taking home payment of $6.510,000 after the required holdings.

Lottery officials say that there are three top prizes left on the $10,000,000 Deluxe ticket.