YAS! Cyntoia Brown Reportedly Married A Christian Rapper 

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For all the years of life that was taken away from Cyntoia Brown, looks like she’s getting some of it back. 

Brown spent half of her childhood in jail and the justice system ultimately failed her. We reported the story, after being sentenced in 2004 at 16 to life in prison for killing a man that was paying her for sex, the 31-year-old is a free woman. 

Brown was a busy woman behind bars, not allowing an unfair life sentence stop her. She earned a college degree and, according to several reports, she dated a Christian rapper, and they got married. His stage name is J Long, and he’s also the ex-husband of Total singer Pam, according to a source.

MN reports that Brown and Long have something in common. The same year Brown was sent to jail for a life sentence, Long was incarcerated for assaulting a public servant in Texas. It’s unclear how much time he served, but at some point, he decided to give his life to Christ and pursue Brown. 

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@millennialmarried #CyntoiaBrown the sex-trafficking victim who was sentenced to two life sentences for killing a man before being released after her high-profile clemency tied the knot with Christian hip-hop artist J. Long (born Jamie Long) while she was in prison serving 15 years. ________________ According to the Daily Mail although its unclear how long the couple have been together, Long is a native of La Marque, Texas, and comes from a long line of musicians who’s grandfather even played with B.B King. ____________________ On the website for Simon & Schuster, it reveals in her upcoming book, #Cyntoia is said to share the details of her transformation, including a profound encounter with God, an unlikely romance, and an unprecedented outpouring of support from social media advocates and A-list celebrities, which ultimately lead to clemency and her release from prison.”

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It’s not clear how they met, Brown plans on dishing the details of her relationship and prison sentence in her upcoming book. Her memoir is described as a “rollercoaster ride, and ‘Free Cyntoia’ will be released on October 15th. Netflix will also be producing a series about her story, no date yet, but we’ll keep you updated!