YIKES! 69 Y.O Pam Grier Explains an Orgasm That Made Her Teeth Hurt [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: NurPhoto – Getty Images

Yes, you read the caption right…

 The legendary Pam Grier is still getting it on and poppin!

After briefly mentioning that orgasm’s last longer at the tender age of 69 on the Wendy Williams Show, she went into further detail on Page Six.

While answering the ‘sexy six’ questions, the actress divulged explicit details on an orgasm that lasted for hours and made her teeth hurt.

“I think the longer one I’ve had was hours and it made my teeth hurt. I’l never do that again…It was painful! I thought they were gonna have to us a defibrillator.”

Do you think this is too much information from Pam Grier or are you here for the details?

Take a look at the footage below: