You Can Win Jay Z And Beyoncè Tickets For LIFE If You Eat More Greens [PHOTO]

Photo credit – Noel Vasquez/GC Image/Getty Images


Jay Z and Beyoncè are promoting healthier eating in a MAJOR way! They’re encouraging people to eat more plant-based meals and less meat, on a “partially vegan” basis.

Around the time Beyoncè performed at Coachella, she asked her fans to take the vegan challenged with her. Jay Z also spoke about eating more greens during his 44th birthday. They consider their style of eating “the truth” and not a “diet.” They feel it’s their mission to share what they know with as many people as possible.

The Grammy award-winning couple wrote the introduction for Marco Borges’ new book The Greenprint: Plant-Based Diet, Best Body, Better World. Beyoncè took to her IG to promote the new challenge her and Jay are running. This time around they spiced things up and are offering free Jay Z and Beyoncè tickets for every concert for life if you can eat less meat or more greens. See the details here.

Would you give it a try?