YouTube Star Turned Artist Queen Naija Talks Past Relationships, the Story Behind ‘Medicine,’ and Her Favorite Food!

Photo Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Déjà Vu loves talking to talent ready to reach their next level, so it’s only fitting that she sit down with Queen Naijah.

You’ve seen the 22 year old on her YouTube channel, but now she’s taking her talent to the airwaves with her new single, “Medicine.” And if you were a lucky New Yorker, you caught the Queen in Time Squares yesterday (July 30) – before police shut the fanfare down.

Completely captivated by her music, Deja asks Queen to breakdown her hit song, and explain the personal tale behind the music. 

The Detroit-born personality tells your Radio Love that it started with her YouTube platform, which she used to tell her entire life story on camera – including her (now former) relationship with a man who couldn’t understand the definition of monogamy.

When things went left, fans started asking questions. Queen didn’t want to field any questions because she “didn’t want to feel stupid.” But ultimately, she turned to music to get it all out.   

Fall in love with her music and listen to her story below.