DJ Scratch

DJ Scratch has been globally showcasing his DJ skills for over 2 Decades. Because of that hard work and dedication, he is now acknowledged by the Legends before him as one of their own.

Scratch is the man who provided the flamboyance to EPMD’s stage show with his visual and technical routines. Because of his performances and professionalism, he’s called upon to man the Decks on tour for the Elite such as Jay Z, Diddy, and currently Beyoncé.

In 1988, shortly after winning the New Music Seminar Battle for World Supremacy DJ Championship, he joined the RUN DMC “Run’s House World Tour” as the opening act. During that tour he was befriended by the late Jam Master Jay (“JMJ”) of RUN DMC. JMJ mentored Scratch and converted him from a raw battle DJ, to an all around performer and showman. In exchange, Scratch taught JMJ DJ routines that he performed in RUN DMC shows ever since. When the tour ended, JMJ recommended Scratch to the new rap group EPMD who needed a DJ with flair. After EPMD witnessed this young phenom at their first show, they hired Scratch on the spot. The rest was Hip Hop History.

In December In 2010, Scratch captured another DJ World Title by entering and winning Season One of the first ever DJ Reality Show Competition, “Master Of The Mix” on BET/VH-1. In 2012, DJ Scratch became the first recipient of the Global Spin Awards “Turntablist Of The Year Award”. (The Grammy Award For DJ’s). Then he won the award the following two years.

Scratch is no stranger to the small and Big screen by being the Resident DJ for Nationally aired TV shows “Hip Hop Hold ‘Em”, Fox 5’s “Uptown Comedy Club” and B.E.T.’s “Rap City, The Basement”. Scratch’s film credits include “Juice”, “The Original 50 Cent”, “Backstage”, “Fly By Night”, “Rhyme and Reason” and Spike Lee’s controversial film “Bamboozled”. In addition, Coca Cola commissioned Scratch to produce and feature in the worlds first DJ commercial, “3 DJs”.

Having mastered the art of DeeJaying, Scratch started to pursue his second love, producing. He has produced such hits as Busta Rhymes Grammy Nominated “Gimme Some More” and the New York Anthem “NY Sh*t”, EPMD’s “Rampage”, LL Cool J’s “Ill Bomb”, 50 Cent’s “50 Shot Ya”, and a long list of Hip Hop Classics. Scratch’s accolades include the 3 Grammy nominations and over 40 Gold and Platinum Awards to his credit which makes DJ Scratch responsible for the sale of over 30 million albums to date.


ScratchVision is an online TV network dedicated to the preservation of the history of The DJ. So far, ScratchVision had live DJ performances by Grandmaster Flash, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Clark Kent, DJ Premier, DJ Kenny Dope, Kid Capri and a long list of other Legendary DJ’s.

Through hard work, the support of his DJ Comrades and fans around the World, ScratchVision has become a Global success and is also the first Internet show to make it to FM Radio. Scratch has joined forces with the Iconic New York Radio Station 107.5 WBLS to do a ScratchVision format show live on Saturdays 9pm-11pm on 107.5 WBLS.

DJ Scratch has proven you stay relevant while remaining Classic.

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