Midday’s with Shaila

Shaila’s charm and strong belief in God has taken her through a long and prosperous road in radio. After graduating from Buffalo State College with a B.A. in radio and television, Shaila was talented enough to immediately begin her professional career in broadcasting.

Shaila started out working part time as an announcer/hostess of a rhythm and blues program in Buffalo, where she was seasoned for four years. After 10 years in professional radio Shaila joined the KISS FM family in 1994 and is now adding a sincere sister-friendly flava to 107.5 WBLS.

Shaila is a woman of character and substance. One of her accomplishments that she is most proud of is when she became the first African American woman to win the New York City Teen Beauty Queen Pageant. In the summer of 2000, both WPIX television and the New York Post featured Shaila as one of the top five Radio Diva’s in New York.



According to the book of “Black Love Signs” I am the down to earth, reliable and grounded one Capricorn!

What is your all time favorite R&B Song?
One of my favorites is “Encore” by Cheryl Lynn. It takes me back to a time when there were no bills,and being so in love with a college man whose love still deserves an Encore!

What’s your favorite Movie?
“Waiting to Exhale.” Having created friendships that I have maintained for over 20 yrs, it was an excellent representation of the trials we go through and regardless of our differences we still are capable of maintaining a strong bond , which is admirable.

What’s your favorite Book?
Coldest Winter Ever by Sista Souljah, (although I am reading Far from the Tree which seems to be real good). Being an uptown girl I felt like I knew a lot of those characters (by another name.)

What should people know about you?
That I am not my sisters keeper. I AM My Sister. I have the same weaknesses as the other. I make mistakes which can be a blessing (having the power of the microphone) because my experience may save the next person a mistake, and vice versa.

First Job?


“Mickey D’s”, Mc Donalds 34th St. and 7th Ave. The Best “darn” Cashier and Fry Girl they could have ever asked for.
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