A Night Of Surprises: Babyface Takes Over The Theatre At Madison Square Garden

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The Theater at Madison Square Garden was alive on Saturday, November 11th, as the stage
welcomed the soulful melodies and electrifying performances of WBLS’s An Evening With
Babyface concert.

The star-studded lineup featuring Jon B, Al B Sure, and October London, hosted by JusNik alongside Funk Flex and DJ S-1 set the stage for a mesmerizing night.

Kicking off the show, the audience was immediately captivated as FunkFlex & DJ S-1
orchestrated an immersive experience, prompting a sea of phones to light up the arena,
signaling the beginning of a night to remember.

Jon B set the tone with his classic hits “They Don’t Know” and “Pretty Girl,” marking a special
moment when the crowd joined in to wish him a happy birthday.

However, the surprises didn’t stop there as Jon B’s pianist took a heartfelt leap by proposing to his background singer, Taylor Milton, receiving a resounding “YES!” and applauds and sounds of joy from the crowd.

Following a recent health scare, Al B Sure made a triumphant return, pouring out energy and
delivering a stellar performance. His renditions of “Nite and Day,” the soulful dance moves
during “Rescue Me,” and a captivating walk through the audience while serenading with “The
Secret Garden” left a lasting mark on the night.

October London, taking the stage solo, charmed the audience with soulful renditions of his
songs such as “Mulholland Drive,” “Back to Your Place,” and “You Look Better,” showcasing his
distinct musical prowess.

The anticipation peaked as the iconic Babyface graced the stage in a dazzling studded tuxedo,
preceded by a montage celebrating his illustrious career. His performance began with the
soul-stirring “If I Could Change The World,” followed by a cascade of hits like “Whip Appeal,”
“Soon as I Get Home,” and “Never Keeping Secrets.”

A highlight of the evening was the mesmerizing duet between Jon B and Babyface, as they
serenaded the audience with “Someone to Love,” accompanied by remarkable band solos and
captivating dance interludes.

Not content with just his hits, Babyface took the audience on a nostalgic journey through the
songs he wrote and produced for other artists. From The Deele’s “Two Occasions” to The
Whispers’ “Rock Steady” and Dru Hill’s “We’re Not Making Love No More,” each note carried
the weight of musical history.

The performance was magnified with a touching tribute to Whitney Houston with her song “Exhale,” illuminating the venue as the crowd raised their phones in honor of the late diva.

The concert concluded in a tapestry of musical excellence, uniting generations and genres,
leaving an unforgettable mark on everyone fortunate enough to be in attendance.
The echoes of the performances continue to make noise, marking WBLS’s An Evening With
Babyface concert as an unforgettable celebration of music and soul.