Fridays 8PM – 9PM


DJ Antoine Qua –  Born Antoine L. Richardson on January 3rd is from Newark, NJ. DJ Qua also known as, “The Complete package of 

R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae & Club/Club Classic” started his DJ career as a youngster over 35 yrs ago playing at all the hottest school and college parties. He has worked with  household names in his early career, such as Queen Latifah, (Latifah’s first DJ). From there, he progressed quickly onto the nightclub scene at the age of 16. Before Qua’s career moved from DJ to club promoter/owner, he made his mark at legendary clubs such as; Zanzibar, Sensations, Club 88 & The Peppermint Lounge, just to name a few. Thereafter, DJ Qua was so well received by his supporters and others he went on to promote himself as “the Complete Package”.

By age 24, DJ Qua moved into the business side of the entertainment business when he began to successfully operate his own clubs/restaurants. In previous years he operated his own venues such as; Marion’s Place, Miami Sandwiches, Club Jhane’s, Dynasty Restaurant & Lounge and Loretta’s Lounge. DJ Qua has put nightclubs on the map such as the former, “Club Millennium” and “Key Club” located in Newark, NJ. 

DJ Qua has worked with some very prominent politicians in his DJ career from Mayors of Newark, Irvington, East Orange, Orange, Roselle, Hillside & Jersey City to NJ Assemblyman, Senators, Congressmen and Governors of the past as well as currently, just to name a few.  He was formerly the Citizen Commissioner for Irvington, NJ because of his love and dedication to the people/community. DJ Qua as mentioned, is very closely tied to the community which is why he holds and participates in a number of charity events throughout each year helping the homeless, less fortunate, educational needs, special needs & abused women/children programs. This is where his true love is!  

DJ Qua is most certainly a rare find of a dedicated humanitarian mix with a humbled, talented DJ/Artist & very experienced businessman. His peers, supporters & community including community leaders can all attest to this fact. 

DJ Qua has successfully formed and played on his own internet radio show, “Streetz106.com” (which was one of the very 1st in the State of NJ) over the years gaining him more listeners and supporters in and out of the tri-state area. DJ Qua has mentored young and up-coming DJs. He is responsible for aiding and being a role model to many NJ DJs & aspiring NJ artists who are gaining success in today’s market, therefore giving him the name, “Jersey’s #1 Son” or “The CEO of Jersey” by his peers and supporters.  

DJ Qua is known for his very special skills of mixing and blending all types of music in addition to his boy-like, fun personality. Dj Qua landed his first mainstream radio gig on NY’s radio station 107.5 WBLS in 1998 and then onto “The Wendy Williams Experience” alongside Ms. Wendy Willams 2 years later. DJ Qua moved onto a master mix DJ/Personality on the former 98.7 Kiss FM in early 2009. A few years later DJ Qua returned to his 1st home at 107.5 WBLS where he currently works as a DJ/Radio Personality every Friday on his “DJ Antoine Qua Show” at 8pm. DJ Qua has performed for thousands on stages at concerts, political events, festival stages, and is known to rock a party all night. He is a very humbled & talented entertainer and businessman. He is a statue in the community throughout the State of NJ. He brings a light wherever he goes which is why he is Jersey’s #1 Son.