13 Year Old Girl Who Wrote Award Winning Essay About Gun Violence Was Killed By Stray Bullet [PHOTO]

11/26/2018 12:00 AM EST by WBLS Staff

Photo credit: Mark Makela / Getty Images

R.I.P to a 13 year old young girl, Sandra Parks. She was killed in her hometown of Milwaukee by a stray bullet that entered her home. Ironically, Parks wrote an essay to land her awards two years ago. The inspiration behind the essay was the constant shootings in Milwaukee, and the effect that they have on young people such as herself. The essay was called “Our Truth.”

On Monday, the bullet shattered her bedroom window, where her mother found her bleeding on the living room floor. “Momma, I’m shot,” she told her mother.

“She was everything this world was not. … She went through a lot, and every time she was down, my baby picked herself up. … She always picked herself up. … She was my angel from the time she was in my womb to the time she came out. She’s still going to be my angel,” says Sandra’s mother.

Sandra had hopes of going to college and becoming a writer.

Both suspects have been charged.

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