5 Wounded In Mass Shooting At Morgan State University

October 4, 2023 - Krista B.
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Five people have been wounded after a mass shooting erupted at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. 

According to reports, the shooting took place on Tuesday evening outside a crowded homecoming event. “We were outside of our coronation, basically they let out and everybody was leaving, and then we see two gunshots hit the front window and everyone just started running,” a student named David said. “It was chaos.”

The victims, one woman and four men, were taken to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley said that they are still looking for the suspects as the shooting is under investigation. 

This shooting is one of 531 mass shootings that took place this year in the United States and one of 17 that happened at a US university or college. Mayor Brandon Scott said about the shooting, “This is not just a Baltimore thing. Any mayor in any city will tell you that we have a national problem with guns in the hands of people that should not have them, and we have to handle it in a national way.” 

Classes at the university have been canceled for Wednesday and counselors are available to students. The school’s president David Wilson said that they’re assessing what will happen with homecoming moving forward.  

We will keep you posted with updates on this situation.