50 Cent Speaks On The Importance Of Awarding Black Artists

04/01/2021 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff
50 Cent is opening up about the importance of awarded Black artists. When award season comes around, the topic of conversation is always the lack of diversity among the nominees particularly Black entertainers. Well, 50 has something to say about it again. In 2019, the rapper called out the Emmy Awards for not nominating his show, Power for any awards. In a recent interview with Essence, he told the publication, “Only the NAACP is beginning to matter to me and it’s only because they caught on early to the show and they’ve been acknowledging the success of it the entire time when the other platforms, we’re not even nominated to lose.”50 also spoke on the argument about artists who shouldn’t care about being recognized for their work. “That’s like when they say money doesn’t matter- until you need some. Does it matter, does it not matter that people are not being conscious of the success of the project? Only because your legacy won’t reflect what you’ve actually done in your work.” This isn’t the first time that 50 has encountered this issue. He also called out the Grammys in the past for not recognizing his work as a rap artist. He also spoke about the kind of stories that are allowed to be told and where they should be told. "The things that weren’t acceptable and considered aggressive in music culture- and that would be a reason why they don’t necessarily want to give me a trophy- are things that are absolutely acceptable in film and television. So I can tell the same story snd they go ‘Wow look at this.’ But this is the same thing you said was wrong when I told you the story in music.” Do you agree with 50 Cent?