6 New Year’s Resolution Ideas To Make 2021 The Best Year Ever

01/08/2021 12:00 AM EST by WBLS Staff
And it begins!!Now that the New Year is here, I’m sure you have been reflecting and reevaluatingALL of your life choices leading up to this very moment. How will the nextchapter of your life play out? Well… it is completely up to you.Now is your chance to actually implement the changes you’ve been talking aboutlast month or the beginning of 2020. And because we love you dearly, we’ve decidedto assist you in preparing your list for 2021 and actually sticking to it.1. STOP PROCRASTINATINGWe all suffer from the procrastination phenomenon. Wasting time and fiddlingaround when you SHOULD be working. Instead of doing the work, you find time tocheck your social media for a 1hr, watch TV, or just stare into space. It is really apoor habit to break and it prevents us from achieving our highest potential. Here are4 ways to help you overcome procrastination:1. Set Up Reminders2. Make yourself accountable3. Surround yourself with people who inspires you to make moves4. Get a grip and JUST DO ITCheck out this website for more tools to help fight procrastination.2. BE MORE GRATEFULHow often do you write a list of things that you are most grateful for? Very seldom,many would say. Allowing yourself to be grateful for all the wonderful things thatare happening in your life (small or big) is the best thing you can ever do foryourself. Try it, even if it’s just once a day. You’ll be in a better mood. You’ll behappier and you’ll be more resilient. So let me ask you this…. What are you mostgrateful for? Don’t just think about it. Go write it down!3. EAT HEALTHIER AND BECOME MORE ACTIVEEating healthy is very hard, but you can always start somewhere. It does not consistof depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy eating; however, it’s about makinghealthier decisions. It’s about improving your health, avoiding certain health issues,having energy, and feeling great. Try to do something active for 20 minutesevery day. Find the right activity, set a reasonable goal for yourself, and you'll beactive in no time.4. READ MORE BOOKSDo you know the average CEO reads over 4-5 books per month? Reading more is agreat way to help gain insight and knowledge, increase your vocabulary and it isalso a great exercise for your brain. One of the ways to help you read more is bymaking more time for it. Start off with 15-30 minutes a day. It can be before work,on the train, during lunch, or before going to bed. Here are some great books you cancheck out below:1. The Alchemist - By Paulo Coelho2. You Are A Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Livingan Awesome Life - By Jen Sincero3. The Magic of Thinking Big - By David Schwartz4. When GOD Winks: How the Power of Coincidence Guides Your Life - By:SQuire Rushnell5. Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life - By Gary JohnBishop6. I Am That Girl: How to Speak Your Truth, Discover Your Purpose and#bethatgirl - By Alexis Jones5. BE MORE CONFIDENT IN YOURSELFIf you don’t believe in yourself, how can others believe in you? You might not havesuperpowers, but you do have the ability to combat low self-esteem and build yourconfidence. One way to do so is by strengthening your mind. Making time to nurtureyour body, spirit, and mind. Kill the negative thoughts and get to know yourself. Graba notebook and write down 100 things that you love MOST about yourself. Dig deepand you’ll come out loving yourself better than ever.6. WORK ON ACHIEVING YOUR DREAMS EVERYDAY If you have a full-time job, then most of your working hours are being taken up bysomeone else. And that is fine, but don’t ever put your dreams on hold for anyone.Create the time to work on your dreams. If you allot a 1hr a day, by the end of 2021you’ll have devoted 365 hours to that dream. How awesome is that??It’s a New Year and you get to write anything you want! Let the first page be filledwith New Year’s resolutions and use these 6 ideas for motivation.Make 2021 your best year yet!